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Our fourth album, Interface, is a variant on the themes explored in One Point Oh and THE MACHINE STOPS. We tried to branch out with the style found in One Point Oh, and add more variety to the sound.

Interface follows the format found in One Point Oh, wherein the album itself is a single multi-segment poem punctuated by minimalist effects. Whereas One Point Oh had a more general focus, and mainly was concerned with collective posthumanity, Interface focuses more on the individual experience.

There is no denying that the style of our past two albums is an acquired taste, but I am pretty happy with the way this new EP came out. I hope you will be too.

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One Point Oh

December 2, 2008 · No Comments

Our current album (now under moderation) is a variant on our second, which is available here: The FALL. The FALL introduced our use of speech synth, and in One Point Oh, we combine that with instrumental experimentation. Full of drum beats, buzzes, and industrial-inspired noisescapes, a haunting synthesized voice speaks about the nature of humanity and their relationship with machines.

Our next album will probably be a variant on this style.

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